SHIPLAKE AB was founded by Göran Eriksson in 2014.

Shiplake AB offers senior advisory to companies with in the area of business development, M&A, valuation and divestments.

Interim management, directorates, and other forms of consulting.

From 2015 and onwards the assignments has mainly been:

  • Business development for a Swedsih tech start-up with unique proven technology for reconditioning of lubricants.
  • Business development for a Swedish tech start-up with in media as chairman of the board of directors.
  • Interim management in a municipal owned group of companies with business in city network for broadband, biogas production and wind power.
  • Interim management in a municipality owned company running a bio-methane production.
  • Interim management for a 

    prefabricated concrete industry

  • Consulting on business development  for privately owned recycling business.
  • Consulting in connection with impairment testing of energy assets with focus on power generation.
  • Chairmanship in the board for a network of real estate companies in the Örebro region.